Sunday, 6 February 2005

recent events

Hi all,


This is one of the Bridestones, way up above Todmorden. I reckon it took about 11/2 hours to get there. I was a murky day, quite warm in the valley, but once I got onto the tops it was feezing, took 1 pair of gloves off to eat my lunch but within minutes my fingers were seizing up. The Bridestones are millstone grit outcrops that have been moulded over the millions of years into fantastic shapes, found 1 that closely resembled a turtle.

At one farmhouse that I passed I noticed that daffodils were out in bloom, and a field was full of fieldfare flocking around in the grass. Someplace near Lydgate there was a bunnyrabbit, its white rump bobbing all over the place. In Todmorden Woods, way above the park, squirrels galore were scampering all over the trees.

Back in Tod, all was still the same, like nothing had ever happened, as if I had had no effect on the place, which I most probably hadnt.