Monday, 7 August 2006


Yesterday I went on a ramble over the moors from Worsthorne. We went out in search of stone circles, cairns, henges and such. Even though I have walked over that way plenty of times in the past, I had never bothered searching for the neolithis and bronze age sites before. We didnt find all that were marked on the map, but 2 of the sites were very special. The last one was a perfect stone circle on Delf Hill, 7 stones in all, one looked to have a small face carved onto it. There was such a good atmosphere to the place, very peaceful we both thought.

On the way there we disturbed a hare, which bounded away from us as we approached it, and coming back we saw another one in a different place. Its very rare to see them near where I live so I felt quite pleased about it. One large field was full of cattle, some lovely little calves standing close to their mums, they had such bonny faces, the bulls actually took no notice of us, must be a tame breed. There were also about 6 horses, 2 fell ponies came up to be petted, a brown pony had a foal with her, it kept galloping about.

No mushrooms about yet on the moors, but one spot was full of harebells growing. Near Hellclough it looked like a snowstorm in progress, the clocks off thistles blowing everywhere.

It was a very warm day, didnt need a cardi, even though it was quite dull.