Sunday, 30 May 2004


This afternoon I went for a short stroll up Healey Heights, but didnt go right to the top, I took a left hand turn and came out on land between Lower and Higher Howarth Fold Farms. Actually the latter is now called Wayside. There has been some new reafforestation in the vacinity and I wanted to see howthe new saplings were doing. Was sad to find that a baby oak tree had been uprooted and left to die.I cant understand the mentality of some folk. Surely anything that will enhance out planet is something to be nurtured not destroyed.


To get back to a lighter note, May must be the prettiest month of the year, all the trees in blossom, daisies and buttercups brightening up the fields, lilac trees in gardens, and all around us the erotic scent of hawthorns.


Saw one solitary moor fritillary, and a raven on Berry Street, not its usual haunt.

Monday, 17 May 2004

sunday the 16th

I was on Manchester Road station for just before noon.As I sat there in the glorious sunshine, listening to the birds twittering away in the trees, on the opposite side of the platform I saw a bright yellow butterfly. It could have been a brimstone but was too far away for me to be sure.The eastbound train arrived on time and 20 mins later, after a stifling journey, I was in Hebden Bridge. It was a relief to get out into the fresh air again.

A short walk along the canal towpath took me to a cafe by the Alternative technology centre. After a much needed glass of coke I took the road past where Fosters Mill used to be and then the riverside path leading up to Midgehole.Even in the woods it was still very warm, I didnt need the warm jacket I had brought with me. After the weir I took a steep path through a gap in the wall and soon was quite breathless. All around the woods were carpeted with bluebells. At one stage when I was resting I heard an owl hoot, something must have disturbed it. Eventually I reached the old methodist chapel at Heptonstall, walked round to the side of it and then along a path through some fields parallel with the main road.They were quite yellow with dandelions and buttercups. I rejoined the main road and then walked down into the village. Far away in the distance I could see the transmitter at Emley Moor. It was with relief when I finally sat down outside the pub with a lovely cold drink, watching and listening to the swallows as they flew from roof to roof to telegraph wires.


To get back to hebden Bridge I walked down the Buttress, much easier going down than up I hasten to add.In the park everyone was laid out in the hot sunshine. As my train back home wasnt for ages I then walked along the canal as far as Mytholm, and took a short walk up through the woods, circling back to near the church of St John the Great.



My train was 18 mins delayed but I was in no hurry to get back, it had been a glorious day in some of the most beautiful countryside in England.

Monday, 10 May 2004

what I deleted yesterday.

Above it a pic of an orange tip butterfly, Ive noticed quite a lot of them over this past week or so, mainly flittering about on pasture and open moorland. They seem to favour mayflowers.

The hawthorns are almost out in blosson now, I love their scent, its a sure sign that summer is approaching. I dont celebrate Beltane untill they are in flower. Laburnums appear to be flowering 4 weeks earlier than they did in the mid sixties. If its a sign of global warming well and good but I'm very sceptical on that issue.


The swallows arrived back on around April 26th, 2 weeks earlier than last year. They come to the same nest up at the farm each year, I always keep a lookout for them in spring.


This morning looked as though it would brighten up to be a lovely day, so I stuck my washing out in the yard and guess what. It rained!!! Thats why Ive not been out for my daily walk as yet.


My tomcat Bonny is being impeached tomorrow. Poor pussycat. He is a very lean silky black cat and awfully timid. We've had him since he was a newborn kitten. His mum, Sparky, dissappeared a few weeks later and her sister Patch took on the job of feeding him.She and her kitten Timmy are also getting done this week. Will cost a fortune in vets fees but it will be worth it.