Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Hubby and I set off on sunday morning to Crown Point, one of the highest hill in the Pennines above Burnley. This was the first time for me to have seen the sculpture. On the way up, which took an hours walking, we encountered quite a few places of fly tipping, fridges, vacuums etc, there is no need for this, we do have a council rubbish dump. However, on a brighter note, the raspberries were abundant at the bottom of Woodplumpton Road, as were orchids part way up adjacent to the golf course. It was a dull morning yet warm, tied my cardi round my waist. One thing I did notice was an absence of skylarks and curlews. After an hour and 15 we eventually got to the singing ringing tree. It is constructed out of metal tubing and it is supposed to make sounds. It didnt!!! Not unless you put your ear up to one of the tubes. I must say though that it looks far better than the old brick radio transmittor station that was on the spot previously. By then it had begun a heavy drizzle, and looking down the Calder Valley to Tod, it was obvious where the bad weather was coming from. Do all bad things come out of Yorkshire? Dont bother answering that one. Studley Pike was barely visible, so we set off home. By the time we got to Healey Heights the rain had begun properly, but we were home in time to not get soaked.

Thursday, 12 July 2007


A neighbour gave me poppy plants to put out this year, they began fine and all was well till the rains began, and then, the slugs came out. Built like anacondas they snaked their way across my garden until the reached the poppies, and the begonias and everything else they encountered. Crunch, crunch crunch, till all was no more. I am now left with sweet peas dangling from a hanging basket and lobelia. Plus campanula which is now like a weed growing from every crack it can find. Was shifting a plant pot in my back yard and got stung with a nettle which is prolifically growing, couldnt see it for all the goddam weeds.

Does anyone know a fine weather spell? The only weather spells I know are rain ones and we've had far too much of that.

The Weather

Oak before the ash, you'll only feel a splash!!! Ha ha ha. That theory has been well and truly knocked on the head this year. All we have had for the past 6 weeks or so is rain, rain, and yet MORE bloody rain. How bad did it have to get before Noah built his ark? Come to think of it, where the hell did he get all his wood from? Thought they lived in a desert area. I digress. If anyone mentions global warming to me I will not be responsible for my actions!!! I spent all winter in pants and looked forward to airing my legs in shorts and summer skirts. I am still wearing jeans. And socks. And cardis and jumpers. My youngest lad has had the right idea and gone off to Malta for a week with his lady friend. Has anyone out there got about a grand they can send me? If so, all contributions will be very gratefully recieved, and I will go off to Malta to join them.