Thursday, 29 March 2007

2 days ago

2 evenings ago, my daughters fella, Gareth, came in and asked if I had seen a strange bird on the front street. Looking from a window I saw what looked to be a small white bird, I said it wasnt a native british bird, but went out to have a closer look at it. It was up on a drain pipe and was a canary, tweeting away cheerily. By then others had come outside to have a look at it. A lady called Emma said it was hers that had escaped, so Marie got a bird cage to try to entice it to come down with some bird seed, but no chance. Eventually Emma brought the birds mate and put it in the cage. After much ado the little canary flew down to look at her hubby, Marie put a blanket over her and got her into the cage. I was so relieved as last year my white cat Spot caught and ate someones put budgie. Thankfully I never found out who it belonged to. My starlings who nest every year had also come out to have a gander at what was going on. Dont know if they kill canaries but this time they missed out. Finches are beautiful little birds but I am not sure if I approve of them being captive, to me they should be free to fly as they please.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Pic of me.

For any of my readers who ever wondered just what I look like, well, here I am in glorious technicolour!!!! The pic was taken on Midgely Moor last november at the trig point. The second photo is of a standing stone somewhere nearby.

Thursday, 22 March 2007


Well, for me, spring began during the last week of January this year, rather than the traditional Celtic Feb 2nd. What brought me to this conclusion? The air smelled different, but dont ask me just how, it just did. A fuchsia in my backyard which I had thought dead suddenly sprouted a new shoot and buds, however, once we got a sudden sharp frost the second week in Feb it killed it off again. Just hope it recovers.

The plum trees at the bottom of the Slug Path came into bloom the third week in Feb instead of mid march, and a nearby hawthorn tree now has all its leaves on. My daffs are now beginning to get past their best but the bluebells are getting bigger by the day. Quite a few of my summer bedding our plants have never died back during the winter, neither has my spearmint.

Some forecasters say we will be having yet another hot summer, lets hope their predictions are correct. Am looking foreward to poking round for arrow heads in reservoir bottoms if there is a drought. Went to an exhibition at Huddersfield museum on tuesday, it showed ancient artefacts found in Widdop reservoir which I went on a hike to last october. I have a stone axe head which I found in the 1960's, only trouble is I've now forgot just where I found it!!! lol.