Monday, 29 November 2004

Hebden Hey

Had a wonderful weekend someplace near Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge. There was a group of maybe 70 or 80 of us. Landed on the friday evening in time for tea, then off to the Blue Pig at Midghole for a pub quiz and entertainment. After a walk back through unlit woods, good job some guy had a torch with him, we all sluped into our bunkbeds for the night. Didnt get very much sleep what with all the snoring and folk traversing to the loo all night!!!

Had  a hearty vegan breakfast in the morning, then we all went up through the woods to Bent Head farm for the tree planting. It was a peircingly cold dry morning, not a cloud in the sky, wind blasting at us made my eyes water, but at least it was fine. Stayed there till about 1-30, I mainly planted alders and oaks, felt real good to be making an impact on the barren landscape. It was so cold in the shade, so I followed the sun round, had 2 pair of thermal gloves on so my hands were fine, my feet however kept seizing up on me. At about 1 I returned to the barn for a hot frink, then my stomach made the better of me and I returned to the scout hut for lunch.

After lunch there were workshops, I went to one on the kingdom of Elmet, all about the history and ecology of the place. Am afraid I dozed off for a while. Later there was a play about the area. In the evening we had a party, more people had come up to join us, saw some old faces I knew.

On sunday, there was more tree planting, but me and a few more went out in the mini bus to view all Treesponsibilities other sites where they have done tree planting.

At 2pm we had out final meeting, Penny, who had organised it all said altogether about 2000 trees had been planted, which I think was very good. Almost a forest!!

I stayed to help clear up, then finally got back home at around 6-45pm, knackered but happy.


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