Saturday, 15 January 2005

more trees

Today we went back to the same farm, but in a different field, for more tree planting. The area had all been staked out, so I began planting hawthorns around the perimeter. There were only about 8 of us in the morning, but around 6 more turned up in the afternoon. Luckily the weather was decent this time, dry, sunny at one stage and very mild for the time of year. Once I had planted the hawthorns, and others had filled in the bottom end and far side, we then began to plant alders and willow saplings in the central area which was quite soggy underfoot. They will help with the drainage of the land. At around 3-30 we downed tools, took them back up to the farm and loaded them along with the unplanted trees into a trailer. Then it was back to Hebden Bridge for drinks and dinner at the Shoulder Of Mutton, then the 7-38 train back to Burnley for me.

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wils999 said...

Cathy, planting trees is one of the most unselfish acts which anyone can do. The person planting the trees does not reap the benefit of their labours. Trees are really planted for the benefit of our grandchildren and their children in turn - lets hope they appreciate the efforts of their forbears who sallied forth on cold winter mornings and the cold, wet, freezing hands and aching backs that went with the task.