Sunday, 12 June 2005

Last sunday.

On the spur of the moment last sunday, I hurriedly packed my rucksack with a flask and sandwiches and left the house at around 1pm. I walked briskly through Daisyfield allotments, alongside the railway track, then through the Kilns and Copy Wood. Was please to find the ground almost dry and still a few bluebells in flower.Once I got to Todmorden Road I kept on until the first railway bridge just over the border into Cliviger. Sat down on a bench to have my lunch, then over a style and across a few fields. Rabbits scurried in all directions, was good to see so many as round where I live none have been seen by me for about 3 years now. Have no idea why this should be. Had to cross a field full of cattle, I was most wary in case there was a bull, but they were just cows with their calves. They seemed quite curious but didnt come too close, thank God. I couldnt have run if they had have done as the ground was quite boggy and I was having to walk on bullrushes in order to keep dry.

I was supposed to be on the Burnley Way, kept seeing the waymarkers, but the track in places is non existant, so had to backtrack several times. Got lost at one point and had to climb over a dry stone wall covered in barbed wire to get onto the right side of it. managed to do so without ripping my clothes. By this time the sun had come out, so removed my fleece and rolled my sleeves up. I decided to get back onto the main road near Holme Chapel and from there onto the lane to Buckley Wood. The track down to the main road is nothing more than adrainage ditch, which goes under the railway. Water was flowing down it and the stones under my feet were slippy as hell. Needless to say I came down it very gingerly. Once on the main road again I walked as far as the Ram Inn and sat outside in their picnic area to finish off my flask of tea. I had intended going up through Buckley Wood to Theively Pike and from there back home via Crown Point, but realised that if I did so I wouldnt be getting back home until about 8pm. So, after 45 minutes I caught the bus back to Burnley centre. Next time I will leave much earlier and make a full day of it.


sylviam4000 said...

Thank you so much for leaving the link to your journal. You are like me, love the simple pleasures in life - the countryside and all within it. As for rabbits, we have a population explosion around here. It's nice to notice there are lots of hares around too this year. Had to stop a few times in the past weeks, to let one cross the road. Jugged Hare sounds good, but I'd rather see them alive. Have put you on laerts. Take care.

smjr43 said...

This countryside is breathtaking, everything is so lush and green.  Unfortunately, during the time I lived in Colorado, they were in a drought most of the time and a lot of it was very dry and brown.  Just before we moved, we started getting more snow and then some rain even.  Things got really lush and green then.   Wish I had been on this jaunt with you, looks so divine!!! :)