Friday, 19 May 2006


Have been told on a very good authority, that a female deer and her fawn have been seen just 2 minutes walk away from where I live. Last night my youngest daughter and I decided to have a look, but am afraid we didnt see either of them. I reckon they live up in the woods during the daytime, then spend the night on the place where they were seen till early morning. I am keeping the location quiet because of yobs with guns who may try to kill them. I dont even know what kind of deer they are, but I do wish I could catch a glimpse of them. We have badgers locally that Ive never seen, though I have a good inkling as to the location of their set. Foxes I have seen in broad daylight, beautiful creatures, who nevertheless create havoc for poultry owners, as I found out to my own cost a few years ago.

All of out native species are very special and should be appreciated. To eradicate even one of them would be a great loss. Ok, I dont like the thought of bears romeing our woods, or sabre tooth tigers, but I think wolves could be reintroduced, they dont pose too much of a threat to man. Also wild cats, they are supposed to be only in Scotland now, but I know for a fact that they are living in North Yorkshire, I have seen them for myself. Lovely big tabby cats with long stripey tails and broad heads.


Saw a butterfly last week Ive not seen before ever, but until I get a good image of it I wont say anymore.

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egretfosdyke said...

Lovely to see that you are back in print because we missed your nature notes.   I used to be a Northerer and it was very nostalgic to read you describing the North of England on your walks.  
Grace and I also watch the deer from our front bedroom window.   We also found a hedgehog in the garden the other night and we havent seen on in about fifteen years.
We have badgers locally as well, but very rarely see them other than squashed on the road.

Kindest regards    Ian and Grace Foster.