Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Last sunday

Met Paul at 10, parked the car on Gorple Road. It was already quite windy, so much so, that I decided to put a wooly hat on. So, we set off, fine but very windy, about a mile along the track we came up with a bench dedicated to a William Joyce and his wife. Could it be the same Mr and Mrs Joyce who taught me at  Towneley High School? Both of them were quite batty, so it may be them. What a bloody place to put a bench though, though I do admit it gives one a place to park ones bums. It was a gloomy day from the start, somewhere on the horizon we could see light, but not near where we were, So, we ventured on, got to the Yorkshire border fence, then realised we should have turned off a while back, my fault. Anyway, we turned off in the region we should have originally gone, ended up at the Hare Stones. They are a fantastic crop of mill stone grit stones that mark the boundary between Lancashire and the west riding of Yorkshire. was time for a stop for a break, had a banana and a wee sup of tea, then off again. We tried in vain to find the stone cairn circle at Cant Clough, was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, the grass was up to my chest.


So, we journeyed forth unto Widdop reservoir, whereupon we encountered thick fog over the water. All the birds now seem to have departed, apart from a few field pippits and a few wagtails. At Widdop there were hawks, but as they were in profile agianst the sky I cannot say what kind of birds they were. Once there we branched left onto the Burnley way, until it joined with the main road from Colne to Hebden.

All along the way I was so surprised to see new tufts of grass, new flowers blooming, same as in my front garden, fuschia bush sending up new shoots. Plenty of fungi growing though am not too sure on a lot of it.


Saw a spirit of a lady at Widdop. I do not usually see spirits, but this one was genuine. She could only be seen out of the corner of my eye, think she was as curious about me as I was about her. At Swindon reservoir was in time to see a migrating flock of gulls land there,

Anyway, got back to Worsthorne by the way we had done a couple of weeks ago, it had been yet another good days walk. Pity we didnt find the stone circle though.


kmpeart400 said...

I look forward to reading about your walks, funny about the bench. Maybe the spirit Lady was Mrs Joyce following you? We havent done much walking lately. There was a meeting last week to try and get the railway open again Colne to Skipton but  not heard the outcome of it?take  care ,Happy Walking. Kate.

firestormkids04 said...

These entries are wonderful to read!  They open a new and different world to me.  As Sylvia's photos comfort my eyes, stories of nature walks comfort my mind.  I cannot walk very far at all/  I miss it terribly . . . but I was younger, thinner and healthier in days gone by.  Thank you for the link to your journal.  Blessings, Penny