Friday, 17 October 2008

Covered Bridges

Not entirely to do with nature, but part of the landscape of many places. However, in England, apart from 3 that exist at Oxford and Cambridge, which are covered in the sense that they are bridges connecting 2 buildings, there is only one that I know about. Even that bridge is ornamental, in that it lies withinn a park, and has never been used for road traffic. It is the Swiss Bridge at Birkenhead Park on the Wirral peninsula.
I have been told that this kind of bridge was quite common in the UK in bygone times. I think they are so romantic and picturesque and its a pity we dont have them anymore. I know that in USA and Canada, also in other parts of Europe they still exist.


Joan said...

I agree with you I wish too that we still have these lovely bridges. I have seen the ones in europe during cycling races that are built into the sides of mountains sometime out of rock sometime man made structures. Love Photographs. Love Joan.

madcobug said...

They are all beautiful. Ken read the other day that there were eleven covered bridges in Alabama. I wish I could go all over the state taking pictures of them all. Thanks for the email and sharing them. Hugs, Helen

Rjet33 said...

Thanks for sending me this link. I LOVE covered bridges. We had two in our area, but arsonists burned one down and in doing so destroyed a part of our history. The other one a storm took out when a large tree fell on it, but thankfully our historical society decided to move it to a park in town and restore it. I have photos of it, but unfortunately, my computer has a virus and I cannot access them currently. Perhaps I have them stored in my photomax account. If so, I will make it a point to post soon. These are lovely.



Katja said...

Thanks to all who commented on this article. I am enthralled by these bridges and its so sad when mindless morons just destroy them without a thought for all the history they have. Storms are acts of god and cannot be helped, but human mindlessness is another thing altogether. How can we educate such people?

Anonymous said...

they are so pretty! I wish we had more of those. I've seena few here in the US, but not very many.

Jeanie said...

I loved reading about your nature walks and your love of covered bridges. I have a dear friend Sal who also loves covered bridges as well as the story of the Bridges of Madison County, like yourself.
I can see why too by your photos. Thanks for visiting my journal. I will certainly be back to visit yours...I reall enjoyed my visit.