Saturday, 5 June 2004

todays walk

I decided to go for a walk mid afternoon to wake myself up, having only had 3 hours sleep last night. Too much on my mind I guess. Anyway, it was dull and dreary though not too chilly, but at least it was fine.

I got a few yards up Woodplumpton Road then turned on the farm track to the left which leads to Lower Small Hazels Farm. Nearing the end of the track a bird suddenly swooped over me quite low, calling "kee Kee" loudly, thinking it was a kestrel I looked up only to find it swooping over me again after which it alighted on a fence. It wasnt a kestrel it was a lapwing, one of my very favourite moorland birds.


I must have been quite close to where she was nesting and thats why she was circling around me. Upon reaching the farm I turned to the left to get onto the Burnley Way. A huge shire horse in the field came galloping over to greet me, I patted his nose but he was so eager to be friendly he almost shoved me into the ditch at the right hand side of the track. I ran the rest of the way before the track narrows with the hoss in hot pursuit. Towards the bottom section of the path it was completely overgrown in herbage of some kind, and as the path is very narrow and steep I found it quite dangerous as I couldnt see where I was putting my feet.


On joining Glenview Road I then took the turning through the woods near to Lower Timberhill and from there back to my home.


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blencathra44 said...

Thanks for your walking notes Cathy. I have enjoyed reading them    you know more about the wildlife than i thought you did , thats not meant to be an insult.
Keep writing them i can  relate them to my walks. Looking forwards to your next adventure. Dave . alias Blencathra