Sunday, 30 May 2004


This afternoon I went for a short stroll up Healey Heights, but didnt go right to the top, I took a left hand turn and came out on land between Lower and Higher Howarth Fold Farms. Actually the latter is now called Wayside. There has been some new reafforestation in the vacinity and I wanted to see howthe new saplings were doing. Was sad to find that a baby oak tree had been uprooted and left to die.I cant understand the mentality of some folk. Surely anything that will enhance out planet is something to be nurtured not destroyed.


To get back to a lighter note, May must be the prettiest month of the year, all the trees in blossom, daisies and buttercups brightening up the fields, lilac trees in gardens, and all around us the erotic scent of hawthorns.


Saw one solitary moor fritillary, and a raven on Berry Street, not its usual haunt.

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