Wednesday, 27 October 2004

Ive not written anything new since July, its not cos Ive had nothing to write about, its just that too many other factors got in the way. Plus, at times I can be a real lazy old cow!!! In the last few days Ive tried to feed squirrels, they dont seem interested in bread anymore, but spend their time forageing under leaves looking for nuts, acorns etc. Its forecast to be a hard winter and I am wondering if it could be so. Last autumn I couldnt find any acorns, this autumn they are quite literally dropping on me there are so many. I do so hope not, cos I hate a cold winter. Anyway, Ive been like the squirrels and kitted myself up ready for a cold spell, thermal waterproof goretex gloves, arctic parka, thermal waterproof pants and jacket. I guess I am going to look like Madame Michelin!!! Anyway, who the heck cares so long as I am warm.

Love to everyone who reads my stupid notes.

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