Wednesday, 28 July 2004


Thought I would go for a walk up Howarth Road early on this aft, as soon as I got outside I noticed the rather pungent smell of privet blossom drifting across from a huge tree over on the back field. Ragwort is now flowering everywhere, complete with stripey caterpillars of the cinnabar moth.

Where Howarth Road approaches Mosely Road are raspberry canes at each side of the track. They are quite late developing this year, normally they are in full fruit the first week in July, now it is almost August. Anyway, I filled a tupperware container with them. They were delicious with fresh cream on!!!

It was a funny sort of day, dull as anything yet very muggy. Preferable to being chilly though. At least this weekend is not expected to be cold. Have already started packing my rucksack and tucker bag.


smjr43 said...

I love this photo!  It reminds me of the cataba worms that I played with as a child.  My grandmother used to sell them for fishing bait.  Cataba worms are very soft like velvet, and also yellow and back, but their stripes run the other way instead of across.

Go to this website to see a picture, if you like.

Thanks for your comments in my journal and for the link to yours.  I try to visit everyones journal, who stops by mine if they leave me a link.


elwaltura2 said...

Hullo Cathy
I enjoyed your nature Notes, especially, as it is in my area(Heptonstall)