Monday, 28 January 2008


In December a garden at the bottom of our street was in full bloom with daffodils, something i have never seen before. My daffs were in leaf but no sign of buds. However, this week I observed in my bedroom a geranium plant which I had taken in for the winter, on one of its leafs was a caterpillar. Today the leaf has over folded itself over the caterpillar which is now becomming a chrysallis. Can anyone tell me how long it will take before it becomes a butterfly? I dont wish the butterfly to emerge within the house as one of my cats will surely eat it.

Also, at the bottom of the hill a plum tree which is normally in bloom in late feb/march, is now in full flower. In 11 years of living here, this is the earliest recording. My daffs are now in bud, so are my crocuses, my snowdrops are actually flowering. My anemones are sending up plenty of leaves also.

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jaymact1 said...

Hi, Hubby suggests you leave it for another week or so then take  the leaf of the plant attach  a thread round the stem of the leaf and suspend it in your garden shed and just leave it there it could be spring 2009 before it come out as a butterfly would appreciate a picture if possible.   Love Joan.