Friday, 29 February 2008


Yesterday, saw my first bee of the year, an enormous brown and orange striped one, not sure which variety, but was one of the largest I have ever seen. It was on the pavement of a main road so I bent down to pick it up with the intention of moving it to a garden area. Unfortunately, when I did so, I found out it was dead, stepped on by someone.I just hope that it was an accidental killing of such a beautiful insect. I love bees, they are so interesting and industrious, People are scared of them but they just go about their business oblivious really to us humans. In summer my lavender bush is throng with so many varieties of bees and I will sit there in my little camping chair right next to them all. Even when fruit picking I will be right next up to them, feel them touching my bare arms, and never once have I been stung. Wasps, however, are a different story!!!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned a caterpillar which was on a geranium leaf, about to turn into a chrysallis. Well, it ate the leaf which then dropped off into the pot, wrapped around the budding chrysallis. Now, it seems its vanished from sight!!!

The earthquake was quite good I thought, in that my daughter rushed upstairs asking " Mummy, is it the end of the world". How dramatic can you get I wonder? All that happened was doors rattled, bottles jangled in the bathroom, where I was at the time, and the floor moved a bit. At work the next day, a girl thought it was a poltergeist, or God even, shaking her bed. I told her God is way too old for tricks like that!!! The worst quake I once felt was in Tunisia, then I though the hotel would colapse. At least I am thankful nobody was killed, and I an truly sorry for folks who's houses had damage done to them, for I bet they have a hard job getting insurance payouts.

Tonight we are having gale force winds, but at least the rain has settled a bit. was soaked to the skin coming home from work this lunchtime. Tomorrow is March 1st, and they say if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. BAAAAAAAAAAA.


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jaymact1 said...

Hi, it was a dreadful day up here too, today however is much nicer lovely sunshine to greet the new month but a very cold north wind. I agree about the bees I have only been stung once by a bee and it was my fault it had landed on the handle of my handbag on the far side away from me and I then picked it up. I saw a bee last night when we were watching Gardener World on flew past Monty.  Have a lovely weekend. Love Joan.