Monday, 10 May 2004

what I deleted yesterday.

Above it a pic of an orange tip butterfly, Ive noticed quite a lot of them over this past week or so, mainly flittering about on pasture and open moorland. They seem to favour mayflowers.

The hawthorns are almost out in blosson now, I love their scent, its a sure sign that summer is approaching. I dont celebrate Beltane untill they are in flower. Laburnums appear to be flowering 4 weeks earlier than they did in the mid sixties. If its a sign of global warming well and good but I'm very sceptical on that issue.


The swallows arrived back on around April 26th, 2 weeks earlier than last year. They come to the same nest up at the farm each year, I always keep a lookout for them in spring.


This morning looked as though it would brighten up to be a lovely day, so I stuck my washing out in the yard and guess what. It rained!!! Thats why Ive not been out for my daily walk as yet.


My tomcat Bonny is being impeached tomorrow. Poor pussycat. He is a very lean silky black cat and awfully timid. We've had him since he was a newborn kitten. His mum, Sparky, dissappeared a few weeks later and her sister Patch took on the job of feeding him.She and her kitten Timmy are also getting done this week. Will cost a fortune in vets fees but it will be worth it.



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