Wednesday, 7 July 2004

A horse named Blue

Seeing as yesterday was sunny and warm I spent some time in the community garden. This site was begun 2 years ago from a derelict area which had been used for tipping. Its website address is

Hours of hard work and effort have been put into this project, and it is looking a treat.I spent time dead heading roses and other plants and whilst doing so noticed a huge white stallion up on the delph, looking for all the world like a unicorn sylhouetted against the sky. Many times he has got out of his pen along with a white shetland pony, local people would take water up in buckets for him, especially in hot weather.


This morning when I got up onto the delph to inspect the fencing I noticed some RSPCA inspectors and police, along with a local man. I followed them to see what was happening, and to my utter horror discovered Blue dead from a broken neck in his pen. He must have tried to jump his fence or something and got caught by his rope in some way.

If anyone reading this keeps horses, or any other animals, will you please look after them properly. Blue's death was so unnecessary, it could have easily been prevented. He was loved by all the local children and will be sadly missed.


Rest In Peace Blue.

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