Friday, 2 July 2004


Today is just as bad weatherwise as yesterday was. However I did make a short foray up into the woods for about an hour or so, sheltering under a canopy of trees when there was a sudden downpour.

To the left of the small kiddies playground is a small copse, in spring it was full of daffodils and then  bluebells, now in one area it is carpeted in blue meadow cranesbill. Just further on from the playground is a swampy area by a stream known locally as the Chuckpad, there the yellow flag irises are thriving in the moist ground.

Further up the heights I foraged my way into a small clearing amongst all the japanese knot weed, standing very still and silent I was rewarded by seeing coal tits, blue tits, and then 2 turtle doves, as well as the usual blackbirds, thrushes, and sparrows.

For the foreseeable future it doesnt look like there is going to be any improvement in the weather, which is a pity as our summer is so short at the best of times.I'd like to be venturing much further afield again, maybe even to the top of Pendle Hill, but I dont find any joy in getting soaked to the skin.

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