Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Guess what I heard?

Tonight I stuck my head outside to see if the new moon was visible, could see plenty of stars but no moon. However, a strange sound drew me towards the back field. It was a cricket I could hear, Ive not heard one round here for many years. Even grasshoppers had become a bit of a rarity until foot and mouth disease kept everyone off the land. Now they have made a comeback and its good to hear them up on the Delph.

Was up at Trawden for the annual Pendle witch camp at the weekend, fortunately we were in a different field to last year, so no cow pats to fall in. Had a bright red fly land on me, havent any idea what it was until I have looked it up. Enjoyed listening to the curlews, they have a lovely call I think. I would have walked up to Wycollar country park on the sunday but the weather wasnt very good, quite foggy, cold and a strong wind. Will save that walk for a lovely day.

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