Sunday, 4 June 2006

Hebden Bridge

Me and Angela, my youngest daughter, got a lift in with a neighbour today. Spent hours looking around shops then went onto the canal towpath. As we did so, a heron that must have been on the side of the canal suddenly swooped off, we got a real close up view of it. Earlier we saw a ruddy duck on the Hebden Water amongst all the mallards, quite distinctive with its red feathers and blue beak. Stroked a siamese cat and a persian female which must have weighed about 2 stones, I had to pick her up from the middle of a road.

The laburnum trees are in full bloom and a treat for the eyes they are. This year they are 2 weeks later than last year, probably because of the cold winter lasting so long.


sylviam4000 said...

Our laburnam was very late blooming, but is spectacular. Spring is all mixed up this year.

kmpeart400 said...

I  often see a heron at the Foulridge reservoir on my way to work, he hangs out at the out- let pipe there in the same place most days. Two years ago I saw a kingfisher in an unlikely place which was in the Nelson/ Colne boundary  stream. i enjoy very  much your tales and can picture them  well as you describe them so beautifully! We must get around to meeting up if you dont mind seeing an old friend again?