Monday, 17 July 2006


Forgot to add yesterday what a magnet my lavender is for insects. Have been watching the dozens of bees very closely, have recorded white, and orange tailed bumble bees, carder bees, and some other sort whose type I am unfamilliar with.

Today, as well as the usual cabbage white butterflies, I saw a small tortoiseshell butterfly and a painted lady butterfly. I think they are beautiful creatures, so graceful and delicate, however, my cats think they look good enough to eat, so had to put moggies inside on more than one occassion.

Decided to hunt for more raspberries, found some at the foot of Healey Heights, and also wild strawberries. Was most pleased about that!!!! On the way back, walked round by the top field, or the village green as it is now known, and Joyce had lots of blackcurrants dangling over her fence, so quite a few of those went home with me as well. Some folk look at me in horror when I say I eat the fruit as it is, say they will be full of worms and such. I say it adds to the flavour!!! Honestly, they will pay over the odds for fresh fruit in a supermarket, yet shun fruit that comes free.

Havent heard the crickets since the council worker mowed the grass on the back field, he went too far into the nettles this time. Do hope they didnt get killed.

The bottom of Healey Heights is bright pink with rosebay willowherb at the moment, am sure there is more than last year. All this lovely hot sun seems to have made everything grow in profusion since we had the storm the other week. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. Was 86 today, I put my thermometer is the sun and the mercury reached 98.

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jaymact1 said...

Hi, I always think that the Rosebay would take over the world given half a chance. We have a few butterflies in the garden too but not as many as we will when the Buddlia comes out.  Had to take out my yellow one this winter as it outgrew its spot and I hated to do that as the Peacock Butterflies just loved it. Have a cool day. When I was a child we used to gather rasps and brambles (blackberries) and Mum made jam to die for with them does'nt come like that any more does it.  LOve Joan.