Sunday, 16 July 2006


This year my lavender bush in my front garden has excelled itself. Never have I seen it looking more purple. I still reckon it must be the largest lavender bush in Burnley outside of a public park.

Yesterday I had to rescue a grasshopper from my black cat who thought it would make a tasty snack. It hopped away into a bed of nettles on the back field.

The young deer has been sighted again early one morning, must try to get up before God and see it for myself.

Was annoyed to say the least today when I decided to go raspberry picking, some nasty person has cut all the canes level with the ground in the place I usually go to. Was only able to find a few more in a different location. There are several large cherry trees in full fruit, only trouble is I would have to be about 14 foot tall to reach them.

On a sadder note, a baby boy who was only a few weeks old died on the next street to us. His parents are little more than kids themselves but they were the proudest parents ever. Now this has happened and the whole district is in shock.

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jaymact1 said...

What a sad entry my heart goes out to the parents of the baby. I have a new lavender plant i am trying to grow it is a cutting I took from our holiday garden. Love Joan.