Friday, 28 July 2006



Hubby actually came out fruit picking with me yesterday aft. Think he realised I was pissed off with him for forgetting our wedding anniversary yesterday. He will learn with time no doubt.

We found a new location for raspberries and almost filled a tupperware full of them. After that I went to pluck gooseberries, but found that the shrub had been taken, either dug up for relocation, or just got rid of. Whatever, I was NOT best pleased.

On a lighter note, got a phone call last night from a member of Northern earth wanting me to help to arrange a walk around Worsthorne way. Sounds good to me.



jaymact1 said...

What a disappointment that must have been for you gooseberries are not easily come by these days, and they do make lovely jam. Love Joan.

catmayben said...

Hi Joan,
I make gooseberry fool, it always goes down well, or it does when I can make it. I refuse to pay stupid supermarket prices though, plus they have been crop sprayed, ones that grow wild havent. I try to eat as naturally as possible, though I am not a vegatarian or vegan. Tonight I observed a Turkish girl go home with a handful of dandelion leaves, think she has a point, they are perfectly nutritious, rich in vitamin C and iron. In this country we ignore stuff which is on our own doorsteps. When I lived in Algeria it was the norm to go out picking fruit and veg for the table, plus herbs to flavour the meal. I grow rosemary and mint out at the back, I now think its thyme (time) I started growing other herbs too.